Jean-Jacques Beineix Biographie And Cause of Death: What Happened To The ‘Betty Blue’ Director?

Jean-Jacques Beineix Biographie And Cause of Death: What Happened To The ‘Betty Blue’ Director?

Jean-Jacques Beineix’s biographie is featured on his Wikipedia. Find the french film director’s death cause below.

Tributes and obituaries have been pouring all over the internet since the death of Jean-Jacques Beineix. He is a French film director most popular known for ‘Betty Blue’ and Toboggan.

The internationally acclaimed movie director passed away today on January 13 at the age of 75 battling a long illness. His friends and family are receiving a lot of condolences over the internet.

Obituary: Jean-Jacques Beineix Biographie

Jean-Jacques Beineix played a significant role in raising the standards of the French film industry since 1977. He was responsible for directing and producing movies with high production value for its time. Similarly, catering to youths had been his biggest USBN as a filmmaker.

Over the years, he grew himself and also helped the movie industry grow. His work was not only appreciated in France but worldwide. Jean is the perfect example of movies that do not have a language barrier. 

He started his career as a solo director with the 1981 ‘Diva’. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. in 2008 he directed a corporate movie called 2 infinities which got featured in the New York Imagine science film festival. 

With the death of a gem in the movie business, it’s certainly a big loss to the world of cinema.

Jean-Jacques Beineix Cause of Death

Jean-Jacques Beineix’s cause of death is said to be an illness. He passed away peacefully at his house in Paris after battling a long illness as confirmed by his family to the media. 

However, the nature of the illness is not known. It is for the fans and well-wishers to wait until the news breaks out on his illness and cause of death.

At the age of 75 also, he was impacting people with his work. The die-hard followers of Beinex’s films will miss the legend.

Jean-Jacques Beineix Conjointe And Kids

Jean-Jacques Beineix’s conjointe or wife has always been away from the media’s eyes. There is no official confirmation regarding his marriage as well. None of the media portals have written about his married life. 

Similarly, information on the filmmaker’s kids is also not available. It might be safe to assume that Jean was neither married nor had kids until the burst of news on his romantic life.

Jean-Jacques Beineix Net Worth

Jean-Jacques Beineix’s net worth is speculated to be in the millions. With extraordinary direction skills that have attracted his audiences to him, Jean enjoyed a good share of wealth in his lifetime.

Similarly, considering his body of work for over 4 decades, he had a well-to-do life.