Is Vin Gupta Related To Sanjay Gupta? Everything About The American Pulmonologist Doctor And His Family

Is Vin Gupta Related To Sanjay Gupta? Everything About The American Pulmonologist Doctor And His Family

Find if Vin Gupta is related to Sanjay Gupta. The doctor is drawing much public attention, and here is why. 

Dr. Vin Gupta currently discusses the covid cases with the holiday celebration season. The view regarding the pandemic has caught public attention. 

Gupta mentioned the covid rush across America. He also gives his thought on whether the children are safe to return to schools or not.

With Dr. Gupta’s appearance on MSNBC, people have shown interest in him and his lifestyle. 

Dr. Vin is a renowned Pulmonologist; meanwhile, Sanjay Gupta is a CNN Chief Medical correspondent. Both of them are prominent doctors with a reputable names in the medical field. 

With Vin getting more popular, people are starting to wonder about his relationship with the notable doctor, Sanjay. as both have the surname Gupta, it is easy to get confused.

However, they are not related to each other. Both the doctors are prominent in their field and are respectable public figures. 

Dr. Vin and Dr. Sanjay have similar last names and are reputable figures in the medical field. That being so, most people must have confused them for being a member of the same family.

Meet With Vin Gupta Brother And His Family

Dr. Vin is a pulmonologist and a medical analyst on NBC News. He is also a well-known TV personality along with a health policy expert. 

Gupta was born to Indian parents in the United States. Other than that, he has kept his personal details concealed.

Although people have doubted that Gupta might have a brother, there is no official news of him having siblings. Moreover, with him keeping his lip sealed, more updates about his family are impossible to find.

Who Is Vin Gupta Wife? Explore His Bio

38-years-old, Vin is married to his wife. The couple has been dating each other for a long time before tieing a knot. 

No details regarding his wife are available at the moment. However, it is known that the married couple got blessed with an adorable child.

The news did not get confirmed yet, but Gupta has tweeted about the little baby. Despite being a renowned public figure, Gupta has managed to keep his personal life in secrecy.  

Vin Gupta Net Worth- Find Him On Wikipedia

Sadly, Dr. Gupta is not available on Wikipedia. Even so, his net worth got believed to be around $3 million. 

Also, his expected salary is approximately $500,000. He is a pulmonologist, a health specialist, and a media personality.

Vin has been serving for more than 15 years as a lung specialist in World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control. His contribution to public health has been remarkable.