Is Travis Mcmichael Married To His Wife? Mom Leigh Mcmichael and Family

Is Travis Mcmichael Married To His Wife? Mom Leigh Mcmichael and Family

Three men were found guilty of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder. Among the three, Travis Mcmichael and his father Gregory Mcmichael were convicted in Arbery’s murder. But who is his wife? See his mom and marriage details here.

Travis Mcmichael is the one suspect who has been found guilty of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting murder in 2020. He was shot and chased for a while before his death. 

As per the Daily Mail, three white men Travis, 35, his father Gregory, 65, and a neighbor William Roddie Bryan, 52 was found guilty on November 22, this week for murdering Ahmaud Arbery, then 25, on February 23, 2021.

Arbery has been pursued, by three white residents, Travis and Gregory, holding a gun, and Roddie Bryan was filming the entire incident in another vehicle. When Arbery was killed he was 25. Finally, the three perpetrators, Travis, Gregory Mcmichale, and Bryan were convicted and faced three felony charges. 

Nevertheless, When the judge was reading the decision, Travis’s mom and Gregory’s wife, Leigh was emotional. No doubt, Travis’s mom has to struggle alone in her retirement years. Leigh’s husband Gregory was looking at his wife, sharing a meaningful stare, the source confirmed.

Travis Mcmichael Wife: Is He Married? 

It’s not clear if Travis is married or not. There are merely any details of Travis’s wife in the media. It seems like he is not married. 

Likewise, his love life history records and girlfriend’s identity is missing at the moment. 

Besides that, the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, verdict, Travis and his dad Gregory in a pickup truck following Arbery with an armed weapon in early 2020. 

Talking about his wiki-bio, Travis is not a celebrity. Thus, he lacks a Wikipedia page. However, we can find his bio and criminal details on several tabloids.

Travis Mcmichael Mom Is Leigh Mcmichael

Travis was born to parents Gregory and Leigh Mcmichael. There are no details of Gregory Mcmichael’s vocation at this time.

We can watch the video of their trials on YouTube and news channels.

It’s depressing that Leigh has to live her life alone without her husband and son. As per the source, Travis was a technician. Also, in charge of law enforcement and search and rescue missions. 

Additionally, he received board officer training at a Maritime Law Enforcement Academy. 

Travis Mcmichael Father Gregory Mcmichael Also Involved In Ahmaud Arbery Murder

Travis’s father is Gregory Mcmichael. Reportedly, Gregory is a defendant in Arbery’s murder case.

No doubt, all three perpetrators will face life imprisonment. They faced multiple charges, felony murder, malice charge, aggravated assault, and many more.