Is Sara Pascoe From The Last Woman On Earth Pregnant? Meet Husband Steen Raskopoulos & Family On Instagram

Is Sara Pascoe From The Last Woman On Earth Pregnant? Meet Husband Steen Raskopoulos & Family On Instagram

Is Sara Pascoe from the Last Woman on Earth Pregnant? The rumors of her expectancy are swirling around the internet.

Sara is an English comedian popularly known for her appearance in the “Last Woman on Earth.” The series got released on BBC Two network in late 2020.

Besides being a comedian actress, Pascoe is also a writer. Up to now, she has written two books, which took over the market. 

The multitalented artist has managed to gain success in every step of her career. Being one of the favorite comedians of the people, Sara has always been in the topic of the public’s interest.

Is Sara Pascoe From The Last Woman On Earth Pregnant? 

Sara is an actress, comedian, and writer, mainly known for Last Woman on Earth. She lately made an announcement that made her fan followers jump with happiness.

Yes, Pascoe is pregnant with her husband. With the good news of the expectancy, the actress also mentioned her emotional story that tightens everyone’s heart.

After going through many complications, the couple went through IVF for the pregnancy. Sara also mentioned that she faced struggles after last year’s miscarriage.  

The actress celebrated her pregnancy with her fan followers by posting a picture of her baby bumps. With her sharing the photo, people have shown loads of love and cheered for her baby. 

Come Across Sara Pascoe Husband Steen Raskopoulos  

Sara tied a knot with Steen Raskopoulos in 2020. The couple has been in a marital relationship for more than a year and is currently expecting a baby.

The couple went through thick and thin during their married life and finally has found happiness with the upcoming family member. 

Before marrying Steen, Sara previously dated John Robins, a comedian, for approximately three years. The couple’s relationship didn’t work out, and they broke up. 

Who Are Sara Pascoe Family?

40-years-old, Sara was born in Dagenham, London. She grew up with her mother, Gail, after her parents divorced. 

Pascoe’s great-grandmother was one of the notable music-writer and a poet. She was born into a family of musicians. 

Her dad, Derek Pascoe, is a famous British musician who was once a saxophonist and a vocalist. Living with her mother, she completed her study and became one of the successful artists.

At present days, Sara has her own small family with her husband. Soon the family will be completed with a baby, with the expectancy.