Is RB Tank Bigsby Really Leaving Auburn? Real Name, Is He Transferring?

Is RB Tank Bigsby Really Leaving Auburn? Real Name, Is He Transferring?

Tank Bigsby is a Running Back for Auburn Tigers, but rumors about him leaving Auburn and joining other teams are circulating on the web.

Tank Bigsby is a football player who plays as a running back for the National Football Leagues’ Auburn Tigers.

He studies in Callaway High School and is in his Sophomore year. He has been committed to playing football for Auburn Tigers.

But, news of him leaving the team has caused a rush of media attention to the player and the team.

Is RB Tank Bigsby Really Leaving Auburn? 

American football running back Tank Bigsby is not leaving as he is a valuable player for Auburn Tigers, as per the team’s recent reveals.

Tank Bigsby is one of the tremendous players of Auburn. The NFL team, Auburn, has been playing great at the start of the 2021 season. But their performance declined and fizzed out in November. They ended the season by 6-6.

Due to which after the end of the season, many players entered the transfer portal, including OL Tashawn Manning, WR Elijah Canion, and Bo Nix. Things turned bizarre when the news of Tank Bigsby leaving Auburn also started to roam around the internet.

This news made the Football community uneasy and stressed out. 

With the news spreading like wildfire, the head coach, Bryan Harsin, along with the coaching staff, held a meeting with Bigsby. After the meeting, they announced that the player wouldn’t be going to the transfer portal and would remain on the Plains. 

Bryan said that a Tank is a person who cares about Auburn, and he also said that he is a guy you want to have on your football team.

Tank Bigsby Real Name: His Biography Explored

The real name of RB Tank Bigsby is Cartavious Tank Bigsby. He earned his nickname Tank at a young age. But he is well known by the name Tank Bigsby. 

During the recent game of Auburn & Houston, Houston has won the game against Auburn by the score of 17-13.

Tank Bigsbydid 16 Car 168 yards total in the game, and other players like RB Alton McCaskill and LB Chandler Wooten also gave their best, but they couldn’t turn the game in their favor.

Is RB Tank Bigsby Transferring & Where Is He Going?

RB Tank Bigsby is not transferring since he decided to play for the Auburn team and will not go anywhere.

This decision came after the meeting with the Head coach and staff meeting with the player. 

He is also seen practicing for the team in the field under the guidance of the RB coach Carnell Williams on December 25.

The player doesn’t seem to be active on social media. He seems to be private regarding his personal life.