Is Louise Gostelow Married? – Husband Age And Wikipedia Exposed

Is Louise Gostelow Married? – Husband Age And Wikipedia Exposed

Louise Gostelow is a British valuer, auctioneer, and TV presenter. Learn more about her in this article.

Louise presents herself as a part of a new age of auctioneering where traditional auctions are complemented by online bidding.

Louise has been part of the auctioneering profession for over 20 years now.

Is Louise Gostelow Married: Who is her Husband?

Louise Gostelow may or may not be married. There is no information regarding her marriage that is not known yet.

The information regarding her family and married life is not available because she has not shared any details. 

 According to the Instagram posts, she is a mum of 5 adorable little puppies. 

Louise works in auctioneering. Since her childhood, she has loved antiques and the emotional thrill of this industry. 

She was always fascinated by auctions. She shared that her early memory of visiting an auction was with her parents.

She was mesmerized by the fast-talking of the auctioneer and the environment of the room.

She was also fascinated by the auction chant whenever she visited auctions in Winslow with her parents.

Louise Gostelow Age: How old is she?

Louise Gostelow is 43 years old. She was born in 1978, but her actual birth date is still behind the doors.

Louise was born in Verney Junction, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

The auctioning business used to be a men’s field in the past, but now she feels quite a rare breed among her peers.

Louise has made a heavy amount from her auctioning and valuation career. 

She has a net worth of millions of dollars, but the exact amount is still under the wraps.

Louise Gostelow Wikipedia Explored

Unfortunately, Louise Gostelow is not featured on Wikipedia. Stay tune in to know more details about her.

Gostelow completed her study at a local school in East Claydon and later from a school in Thornton.

She has also gained her NAVA Chattels Auctioneering qualifications as a part of her research and planning in 2013.

She entered the auctioneering profession back in 2002 and contributed significantly to this field.

Louise, in 2018 was approached by the producers of Antiques Road Trip at BBC.

Since then, she has appeared as an expert in the show. Louise and her co-presenter Philip Serrel went on road trips around the country.

While on a road trip, they would search for antiques with a rich history.

At present, Louise manages the firm, Dickins Auctioneers, located in Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire. 

She also bought out the shareholder John Dickins in 2019 and took over the business.

Louise is working on rebranding the business and taking it to a different path.

Louise Gostelow Bio and Net Worth

Louise Gostelow is a television presenter and auctioneer from Verney Junction, Buckinghamshire. She grew up in East Claydon and went to school there, and she has lived there ever since.

Moreover, her net worth is not reviewing to date. However, she holds a million dollars from her auctioning and valuation career.