Is JStark Dead? Death Hoax of The 3D Printed Gun Creator Debunked

JStark was a gun manufacturer and well-cherished internet hero who designed the 2020 3-D pistol carbine known as FGC-9.

He was reported dead on October 8, 2021 ad the strange aroma of murder or motive killing has been spread all over his fanbase and supporters.

In this article, we will surf through the recent death controversy surrounding him.

JStark has been advocating for freedom and open firearm control.

The authority raid and chase might have caused the panic attack, as some media reported and suggested by his followers.

Is JStark Dead? Death Hoax of The 3D Printed Gun Creator Debunked

JStark was reported dead by German respected newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’ on October 8, 2021.

JStark’s home was raided on October 6, 2021, and two days after the warranted search, the gun creator died from a heart attack on Friday.

He was seated in his car by the time of the fatal attack.

JStark was a member and active creator of the group ‘Deterrence Dispensed’, which advocates and promotes open firearms owning, freedom of speech, code control, and 3-D gun production plus distribution.

The group’s pioneer work highlighted the 2020 model called ‘FGC-9’.

The gun creation broke the internet, which discussed its 3-D sculpting, the strangely robust design, and the motive of freedom it spoke for.

It was more of a symbol than just a mere weapon of a kill.

How Did JStark Die? Death Cause Revealed

JStark died from a heart attack on October 8, 2021.

His death incident was investigated, and even his autopsy showed no involvement of the third party.

There were no force attacks, no chase evidence, and nothing more to remove the layers of the authenticity of the report.

Complications Regarding JStark’s Death 

In December 2020, JSatrk was interviewed by Jake Hanrahan for Popular Font Magazine.

He spoke about the actual emblem of guns and the freedom of firearms control he was advocating for.

His strong government detests led the followers to believe him as a rogue fighter on their behalf.

Since the December interview, he was being pursued, and after the police got his address, he was home-raided, and his weapons were taken into custody.

Two days after the raid, he passed away in his car after suffering a heart attack.

People speculate that the chase was, in fact, the cause of the death since he had a ‘weak heart’ and was prone to strokes that would prove fatal to him.