What Happened To Joel Embiid? Everything To Know About His Injury And When He Returns To Court

NBA professional Joel Embiid has been on leave for three weeks after contracting Covid-19. Explore the details on his health condition and possible return.

Joel Embiid has been one of the many elite names to join the sidelined crew after Covid related safety protocols assigned them to stay passive until negative results.

Joel Embiid’s presence has been purely missed in the game court after the team started losing valuable points even though they had a shiny form at first.

The Philadelphia 76ers team has a series of players succumbing to the Coronavirus and leaving the game at a crucial stage.

Joel, who was initially delegated to miss only one game after the Covid restriction, suffered a row of virus-positive results that hampered his early return. 

While experts analyze to say more precisely on his Saturday’s return against Timberwolves, he might also feature the last home ground match of Monday.

What Happened To Joel Embiid? 

Joel Embiid, a robust NBA player for the Philadelphia 76ers, was provided a leave on November 8, 2021, after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Joel joined the heavily gifted crew of Isaiah Joe, Matisse Thybulle, and Tobias Harris, the list of Covid infected players sidelined from their team duty on the court.

Although Joel Embiid was speculated to miss only the match against the New York team, he didn’t recover in time and went on missing from the lineup against Milwaukee Bucks.

Joel underwent a series of PCRs to check for virus retain, and none of them test turned out to be his desired harmful zeal.

Embiid also suffered knee damage after tearing his meniscus during last season’s first round of playoff.

He returned early, seemingly unbothered by the knees’ incapability to mobilize as ideally as before, and starred in all remaining games averaging a good point tally.

Is Joel Embiid Injured? Injury Update 

Joel Embiid is currently out of court action after testing positive for Covid-19.

Following the health protocols of the Eastern Conference competition and NBA’s official safety rules, he took a leave from the gameplay only to find himself murked deeper into the series of failed recoveries.

Joel was injured last season when he tore his knee ligament and broke his finger gruesomely during separate matches.

Despite his blazing form post the knee rest, a mild dubious cloud has been lingering over the players’ league future as he is yet to address the issue of proper knee surgery sooner or later.

Joel has now missed several important matches as his leave got extended for three long weeks with an enormous game against the Timberwolves fixed for Saturday.

Why Is Joel Embiid Not Playing Today, And When Is He Returning?

Joel Embiid is not playing today as he hasn’t fully received medical clearance from the concerned staff after surmising to Covid some three weeks ago.

According to reliable insider sources and as per some elite NBA experts, Joel will return on the November 27th match against the Timberwolves.

If deemed unfit still, his return will be shifted towards the next homestand match against Orlando, which has been designated for coming Monday.

Joel’s return was hyped and well awaited after he started training in the Sixers club facilities just two weeks after his first Covid test.

Where Is Joel Embid From? Biography Explored

Joel Embiid, originally from Cameroon, has been playing NBA tier basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers since 2014.

For his college-level basketball career, he was associated with Kansas Jayhawks. 

His one season with the college team led the Philadelphia team to induct him for the third overall pick for the NBA draft.

Although laid with career-threatening injuries and knee damage, Joel has successfully earned four All-Stars selections.

The 7 ft tall NBA talent has been favored by all fans, with him being nicknamed ‘The Process’ symbolically denoting the supporters’ trust in his recovery and return.