Is Forrie J Smith Really Leaving Yellowstone, What Happened To Lloyd?

Is Forrie J Smith Really Leaving Yellowstone, What Happened To Lloyd?

Rumor is buzzing Yellowstone star Forrie J Smith cast Lloyd is leaving the show. Fans are making speculation on this. What happened to him? 

People’s favorite Forrie J Smith has been playing the role of Llyod in the TV series Yellowstone (2018-2021). People are anxious if he will perform this season or not. 

According to IMDb, Smith played the cowboy role in the Midnight Texas series in 2018. The netizens appreciated his appearance. 

Besides being an actor, Forrie is also a stuntman in the projects. We can take a glance at his work on screen, including his roles.

Nonetheless, fans are desperately waiting for the next season. Rumors are swirling on the web that Forrie is leaving the show. We’ve got you covered on this. Read on to learn more.

Is Forrie J Smith Leaving Yellowstone?

In season 4, episode 4, titled Winning or Learning Llyod received a beating at RIP’s hand, led his fans to speculate that the seniormost ranch is no longer visible on the set. Some viewers often speculated that it is a sign that the hardworking actor, Forrie, is preparing to depart the series. 

Is it true or not Forrie is leaving Yellowstone? It’s not confirmed whether Forrie is on the set or not this season. We have to wait for the updates from the Yellowstone team.

The subreddit fans are eager to know. Some cast members of Yellowstone may spill the beans in the future regarding Forrie’s departure. 

According to The Cinemaholic, Forrie has the Yellowstone Ranch’s symbol on his chest showing the sign of his loyalty.

What Happened To Forrie J Smith, aka Lloyd? Is He Sick?

Nothing is wrong with Forrie if you are showing concern for his health. There are no details of his illness or disease on social media. He is perhaps living a healthy life. 

We’re digging into several tabloids for his health update, but there is no clue of his illness in the media. 

Forrie J seems to be busy with his upcoming show At The End Of The Santa Fe Trail, according to IMDb.

The phenomenal actor Forrie is highly active on Facebook. He has garnered 137k followers as of November 2021. 

Moving on to his marital status, Forrie is married for sure. He has a son, who played Forrest, a younger version of the character in the same series, reported Western Series Fandom Wiki. 

Stay with us for further updates.