Is Alan Jones Gay? Details On The Sexuality Of The Radio Broadcaster

Is Alan Jones Gay? Details On The Sexuality Of The Radio Broadcaster

Is Alan Jones Gay? Alan Jones has not announced him coming out as gay.

Alan Belford Jones is an Australian right-wing commentator and a former radio broadcaster. Alan was a coach at the Australia national rugby union team.

Alan has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland. He completed a one-year diploma at Worcester College, Oxford. 

Jones has also received numerous civic and industry awards.

Alan is 80 years old. He is the son of a farmer and coal miner, Charlie Thomas, and Elizabeth’s school teacher. 

Is Alan Jones Gay? 

No, Alan Jones is not gay.

Alan has never publicly been vocal about him coming out as gay.

When asked a question about his sexuality by a caller, the caller had asked, “Are you a homosexual?”. Alan responded by deflecting the question by saying: That’s irrelevant to the issue. The issue is marriage definitionally, of course, is a union between a man and a woman.

About Alan Jones’s Wife: Partner 

Alan Jones is not married. He has stayed a bachelor throughout his whole life. 

Jones has not even talked about his dating life or his relationships with anyone. 

Salary And Net Worth Of Alan Jones

The net worth of Alan Jones in 2021 is $10 million (according to CelebNetWorth). And Alan earns a monthly salary of $83,333. 

He hosts a famous and popular Sydney breakfast radio program on radio station 2GB. The popularity of Jones’s radio program has made him one of the highest-paid and influential media personalities in Australia. 

His salary included entitlements based directly on his share of the radio market. He also generated a good amount of money from advertisements.

Alan used to make $12 million in revenue. But, due to his controversial speeches, his earnings have plummeted.