Ioan Gruffudd New Girlfriend Bianca Wallace Age and Net Worth, Find Her On Instagram

Ioan Gruffudd New Girlfriend Bianca Wallace Age and Net Worth, Find Her On Instagram

Ioan Gruffudd and his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace got slammed on the internet by his ex-partner.

Ioan’s ex-girlfriend, Alice Evans, commented on his relationship with his new girlfriend, Bianca. This thing has bought much attention to the couple’s love life. 

Alice slammed Bianca, Ioan’s sweetheart, on social media. She accused the pair of having a three-year love affair, accusing Ioan of being unfaithful while in the relationship. 

The couple who has recently started shining on their romantic life is falling into the love affair after facing an accusation of Ioan’s ex.  

Meet With Ioan Gruffudd New Girlfriend Bianca Wallace 

Bianca is a notable model and an actress. However, she is mainly famous for her romantic relationship with Ioan Gruffudd, a prominent actor. 

Ioan has played in several hit movies and series. But, he is mainly known as the star of the Fantastic Four. 

The love affair of the Ioan and Bianca has flooded over the internet, mainly after the accusation of Ioan’s ex-girlfriend, Alice. The couple is currently the most talking topic over social media and their fans. 

As per Alice’s accusation, the pair has been in a relationship for three years long-time and cheated on her. She also recently shared the photo on her social media account.

Bianca Wallace Age- How Old Is She? 

Bianca is 30-years of age. She was born on 1 June 1991 and is 18-years younger than her current boyfriend.

On the other hand, Ioan was born on 6 October 1973 and reached 48-years-old just two months before. Despite the age difference, the couple has fallen in love.

Although their age gap had created quite a controversy back then, the pair have been head over heels for each other. Bianca carries a British nationality and is a successful model and an actress.

Uncover Bianca Wallace Net Worth

Bianca mainly earns her income from her modeling and acting career. Besides that, she is also a producer and has worked on several popular projects. 

Although Wallace has not disclosed the details of her earnings to the public, she got believed to have a net worth of around $1 million- $5 million. 

Her net worth is somewhat similar to her boyfriend, Ioan’s net worth, who has an approximate net worth of around $5 million.

Bianca Wallace Find Her On Instagram

Bianca is available on the Instagram account with the user handle @iambiancawallace. She seems to be very active on her account and updates her fans. 

Wallace has also shared a sweet picture of her and Ioan on her Insta account. She is yet to get verified on her Instagram. 

Till now, she has 8,670 followers with 421 posts.