Impeachment: Who Is Jackie Bennett Lawyer? His Role in Clinton-Lewinsky Saga

Impeachment: Who Is Jackie Bennett Lawyer? His Role in Clinton-Lewinsky Saga

Who is Jackie Bennett lawyer? What are his roles in the Clinton-Lewinsky saga? All details are explained below. 

Jackie Bennett is a licensed and top-rated attorney from Indianapolis. He has handled several criminal cases like providing legal services covering Criminal Defense: White-Collar and Business Litigation and Environmental Litigation.

Before becoming an attorney, he completed his law graduation from Indiana University in 1983 and became a licensed attorney ever since. He was selected to Super Lawyers from 2006 to 2022. 

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Who Is Jackie Bennett? Married Life Explained

Jackie is a prominent lawyer based in Indianapolis. He is a partner at Indianapolis’s law firm. He has been working in criminal defense for white Collar, Business Litigation, and Environmental Litigation.

Moreover, Jackie’s private details are kept away from the public eye. As per CNN Edition, Jackie and other attorney’s name has been exposed on the internet. He was accused of leaking grand jury information to the media. 

 Moving on to his married life, Jackie and his wife’s identity is off the radar now. We’re keeping tabs on Jackie’s partner and children’s whereabouts in the media. 

It seems like Jackie is a private person, and stays away from the limelight.

Jackie Bennett Lawyer Talks About His Roles In Clinton-Lewinsky Saga 

Reportedly, Jackie has been a part of the Clinton Lewinsky Impeachment in 1998. He opens up about his role played in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in the past. 

As per Wabash, On October 23, 2008, Jackie and other professors gathered in Center Hall at seven o’clock on Wednesday night. 

He came into the limelight after he was noted in the impeachment of President Clinton. He states that Jackie received a call from one of Lewinsky’s friends, Linda Tripp. She has a piece of strong information about Clinton and Monica Lewinsky love affairs 

with the president. 

Former US President Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Former American politician, Bill Clinton, aka William Jefferson Clinton, and Monica Lewinsky, then 22-year-old sex scandal became the hot topic at that time. 

As per the source, Clinton and Lewinsky were having a secret sexual relationship from 1995 to 1997.

Monica Lewinsky was working as an intern in the White House during the impeachment.

 Moving on to his date of birth, Bennett’s actual age is under the radar at this time. By taking a look at his photos, he must be around 45-50 years.