How Much Does Karl Stefanovic Earn? Lisa Wilkinson Pay Gap Dispute

How Much Does Karl Stefanovic Earn? Lisa Wilkinson Pay Gap Dispute

Karl Stefanovic makes about AUD 2.5 million annually. Lisa Wilkinson was paid less than Karl, even with more experience than him. Here is everything you need to know about the pay gap dispute. 

Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson have been involved in a dispute regarding the pay gap between them. The Former TV journalist of Channel 10 is on her way to release a memoir. 

Lisa Wilkinson’s memoir will focus on her life as a host and dispute on pay gap with Channel 9. There have been rumors that her memoir will feature Karl in a negative light. Avid listeners and viewers of the show are eager to know the details on the pay disparity case of 2017. 

How much does Karl Stefanovic Earn? Why was his pay halved?

Karl Stefanovic makes about AUD 2.5 million a year as a TV journalist for Channel 9. In recent news, it comes to know that Karl’s pay has been halved till his tenure of 2023. 

Although she hosts a major television show, there has been little explanation for why his earnings have been cut in half so abruptly. In 2017, he will be given more than 2 million AUD and receive a million more if the rating target is hit, as registered in

However, coming in 2021, his earnings have been halved. 

During this pay rise, Lisa felt betrayed and was offered less than her peer—ultimately leading towards her exit from the show. She was offered only AUD 1.8 million per year for the same work. 

With much deliberation and negotiation with Lisa for the unfair pay, she decided not to renew her Channel 9. She explained to the newspaper that the favorite television duo had work parity and was not equal. 

How much is the Pay Gap Between Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic? - The Pay Gap Dispute Explained

Lisa Wilkinson was a familiar face in Channel 9’s breakfast program. Though her show’s ratings weren’t up, she boasted a vast selection of personalities in the front. 

There was a pay disparity between the TV hosts for the same work when their contracts were renewed in 2017. Talking to NZ Herald, Lisa explained that she was humiliated and betrayed by her former peer Karl. 

The former host further explained her dismissal was to humiliate her, as she was in negotiations to closing the pay gap with her co-host for ten years. She currently works on ProjectTV. 

Fans will be able to read her side of the story very soon. 

Lisa Wilkinson Net Worth 2021

Lisa Wilkinson is estimated to be AUD 1.3 million. As a former host of the esteemed Australian Television, she was known for her journalism and interviewing skills. 

Lisa will make even more with her bombshell memoir titled “It wasn’t supposed to be Like This.”