Who is Host00312? Twitch Hate Raid Bot Identity Explained

Who is Host00312? Twitch Hate Raid Bot Identity Explained

Who is Host00312? Host00312 is the Twitch user account whose name has been listed on the hate raid bot list.

As we all know, Twitch has now become the world’s number one live streaming gaming platform, including the broadcast of esports competitions. It is the most downloaded app, especially for gamers who love to go Livestreaming. 

Host00312 is a popular Twitch streamer. The username Host00312 has been listed on the twitch raid bot list since the Twitch hate raids are considered more than just a Twitch problem. 

Unluckily, we can’t find the Host00312 Twitch account lately. Perhaps, his account was banned by the Twitch networks. As per the Washinton Post, A streamer named Hackbolt maintains a constantly updated bot account list and banned them from their chats. 

See the user’s private details and career information right here.

Host00312 Wikipedia Biography

Host00312 is the account of a Twitch streamer. Currently, the name of the user has been on the hate raid list.

Moreover, Host00312’s age, real name, and face are yet to disclose on the web. Maybe, the user has gone private on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter as well. 

Nevertheless, Host00312 nationality and ethnicity are behind the radar now. We’re keeping tabs on his private background. We’ll surely let you know when the secret is uncovered online. 

One of the users named The Flashy Arena wrote, “The Hoss clan is back again @Twitch streamers. If you see “Host00312″ in your activity feed (or any variation), slam your ban hammers on them. They think just by changing the name from HOSS to HOST. They won’t get banned”.

Twitch Hate Raid Bot Identity Explained

Twitch has made a list of hacked accounts at the given link. Some of the usernames are Hoss00312, Host00312, hoss00312__, ban hoss00314, ban hoss00321, ban hoss00322, ban hoss00323, ban horses0031, ban hoss00311, and many more. 

Just by clicking on Horseshack, you beat all the hacked accounts.


As per the reports, Twitch has banned bots and other malicious accounts. Earlier this year, it has been announced that it had removed 7.5 million of them, but it is probably not as fast as the people making them.

Hate raid tactics have changed, with bot accounts becoming a hallmark more recently. It’s not easy to ban all the bot or malicious accounts at the same time. It may take some time. Twitch support is doing its best to solve the problem.

Before the hate raid explosion, One of Larsh account moderators with the username Modest MishMash created a suite of tools to combat bots a few months ago. Whatsoever, there are a lot of Twitch streamers who are extremely talented and dedicated gamers. There is a group behind it, not just a person.