Has Bao Vtuber Done A Face Reveal? Hikaru Station Bao Bot

Has Bao Vtuber Done A Face Reveal? Hikaru Station Bao Bot

There is a lot of curiosity among the fans. Has Bao Vtuber Done A Face Reveal?

Bao is one of the popular English Vtuber. She is also active in Twitch and streams exclusively on the platform. 

The character represents a whale deity. The character streamed on Youtube for the first time on October 30th, 2020, and ever since, the character has been gaining popularity on the platform. 

There are rumors about Bao Vtuber face reveal. Learn more about the Vtuber and find out about her face reveal. 

 Has Bao Vtuber Done A Face Reveal?

The Vtuber Bao hasn’t officially done a face reveal. According to one of her tweets, she has mentioned that her photos from high schools have been posted in other website but seems like it is not available anymore. 

Bao is a popular female character on Twitch. The character is among the favorite on the platform, and the fans are desperate to know the real face behind the character. 

There are two people involved in creating the character Bao. The initial design of the female character was done by Arucelli who defines herself as a concept artist and another one is an Illustration artist by the name of Hayamafair. 

The creators of Bao haven’t shared any personal photos. We are unable to find any photos of them through their social media handle. 

Hikaru Station Bao Bot 

Hikaru Station Bao Bot is an automated voice-controlled bot. It was designed by the popular Twitch streamer BoxBox where he had created an Al that could assist him in bot lane and perform anything he said. 

The Twitch streamer BoxBox named it Bao Bot. The Al has a voice of Hikaru Station ‘bao’ due to which the Twitch Streamer named it as ‘Bao Bot’.

The automated voice Bao Bot has helped in the game. The Bao Bot performs all the activities whatever the player commands to do, which has made it very easy for the streamers to play their games. 

Hikaru Station is a youtube singer also known by the name of ‘Bao’. There is an official youtube channel of Hikaru station with more than 2k subscribers. 

Bao Vtuber Channel

Bao is found on Youtube since 2014. She has an official youtube channel by the name of bao and has more than 240k subscribers on her official youtube account. 

The Vtuber is popular for video game streaming and singing. The fans are interested in watching her live stream gaming videos and at the same time, we can enjoy her singing talent.