IFBB Bodybuilder George Peterson Passed Away , How Did He Died?

George Peterson is an IFBB Men’s 212 bodybuilder who died at the age of 37 years. Let us learn more about him in this article. 

We regret to inform you of the untimely death of George Peterson, a champion both on and off the field.

Peterson won first place in the Tampa Pro Tournament and the IFBB Men’s Classic Fitness Competition in 2020.

Obituary: How Did George Peterson Die? IFBB Bodybuilder Death Cause

The Body Builder George passed away just a few days before preparing to compete in Mr. Olympia 2021.

A completely unexpected mistake shook the bodybuilding world to its core. According to an announcement made by Olympia LLC on Oct. 6, 2021, bodybuilder George Peterson has died.

The IFBB bodybuilder died on Oct. 6, 2021. However, the information regarding his death cause is yet to come out. 

Peterson was in Orlando, FL, preparing to compete in his second Olympia 212 event. Prior to his death, Peterson had not publicly disclosed any health issues.

They reportedly attempted CPR on him but were unsuccessful because he appeared to have been there for several hours.

Peterson felt physically and mentally strong the night of Oct. 5, according to his coach, Justin Miller. 

On the other hand, he hadn’t communicated with his coach, who noticed something was wrong and summoned hotel security to open George’s room, where he was discovered face down.

Miller went to the Amateur Olympia, prejudging the next morning, and couldn’t reach Peterson when he returned around noon EST.

Miller summoned a security guard to enter Peterson’s room, where they discovered him lying face down and “mostly cold.”

George Peterson Age 

The Classic Physique player George was born in 1984; however, his exact date of birth is unknown. 

Peterson has been a model in the bodybuilding scene for several years. In addition, before joining Division 212, he competed in multiple shows, including four appearances at the Olympia and three appearances at Classic Physique.

He has been a fixture in the bodybuilding industry for a long time, having competed in numerous shows, including four appearances at Olympia.

Bodybuilder George Peterson Wikipedia

On the other hand, he is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia. He is very popular, so his information can be found on several websites and news. 

He was also active in his Instagram account. Just one day before his, he has also posted a video for his fans in his account. He goes with the name under georgep_dabull.

He has not disclosed any details about his family member. As a result, the names of his father and mother are unknown to the general public. Though, we found the picture of his mother on his Instagram.