Who Is Gavinblake23 on Tiktok? Real Name Age and Michael Myers Video

Who Is Gavinblake23 on Tiktok? Real Name Age and Michael Myers Video

Gavinblake23 is a TikTok user who went viral for making a Michael Myers Halloween parody video. Please find out more about the user and his content.

Gavinblake shared a TikTok video that showed him in Michael Myers attire and trademark mask near the Halloween period.

He was exercising in the gym and training for more kills, or how the user mocked Myers.

Gavin Blake is a content and video creator active on Instagram and YouTube sites under the same hood name.

Gavin’s short videos usually speak about the dark satire and laconic comedy present in the broad genre of full horror.

Who Is Gavinblake23 on Tiktok? Real Name Of The Creator

Gavin Blake is 23 years old male from North Carolina who goes by ‘gavinblake23’ on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube platforms.

These social media sites host funny and sarcastic videos and short posts on different issues and topics.

He recently went viral after posting a 67 secs long TikTok video about the notorious Halloween killer Michael Myers.

He mocked the killer with his dry humor and deadpan jokes and showed the killer in the training process, indicating more kills this October.


An inside interview with the Michael Myers #michaelmyers #halloween

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His TikTok profile ‘Gavinblake23’ surpasses 5.2 million likes and 134k followers.

His viral video was his boost for his social media handles.

The video flaunts an impressive 2.9 million views to date, and it ricochetted Gavin to his newfound fame.

He has an affinity to work with fan-favorite horror movie characters such as Pennywise and Anabelle doll.

His horror blend of satire, end twists, and dry humor have pushed people to demand more creations from the 23 years old talent.

How Old Is Creator ‘Gavinblake23’? Age Explored

‘Gavinblake23’ is a 23 years old man from North Carolina.

He works with his favorite horror movie characters to incite fans amidst Halloween week and shares his take on those characters.

The infusion of adult dry humor and dank deadpan satire has caused fans to roll over their head and turn to the new creator’s handles for more similar content.

His birthdate and birthplace are yet to be revealed by the creator as he has stayed laconic post his viral fame.

Gavinblake23′ Take On Michael Myers Video

Gavin Blake posted several TikTok original contents of him posing as the famous horror movie villains.

His works with Freddy Kruger, Anabelle, and IT-Clown Pennywise were less talked about than the Michael Myers parody video of October.

The 67 seconds long video shows the horror villain Michael on a treadmill, lifting weights and talking to some third person stating his recent kills and upcoming havoc.