Multiple Rumors Suggest Gavin Newsom Was Arrested By Military, Why Is He Missing After A Booster Shot?

Multiple Rumors Suggest Gavin Newsom Was Arrested By Military, Why Is He Missing After A Booster Shot?

Was Gavin Newsom arrested? Find out what happened to the governor who is reported missing.

Gavin is a renowned politician and businessman. Currently, he is serving as the 40th Governor of California

Previously, he handled the office of the 49th Lieutenant Governor of California. Also, he was the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco.

Was Gavin Newsom Really Arrested? Find Out

No, Gavin Newsom was not arrested. However, rumors are circulating on social media regarding his arrest.

According to Real Raw News, Gavin was arrested by the military. But, from our point of view, that news article might just be a rumor.

If you visit the governor’s Twitter profile, you will find retweets every single day. So, there are very less chances that Newsom is in prison at the moment.

Indeed, netizens are ready to make jokes about popular figures like Gavin. Most probably, the recent arrest news is a meme.

Reportedly, the news article claims that Gavin was taken into custody on November 1. Moreover, they have accused him of delivering a major blow to impose permanent lockdowns.

Furthermore, Real Raw News has called him a ‘disgrace’. Also, they proclaim that Gavin was arrested at his $4m estate in Fair Oaks, California.

Also, they state that his latest public appearance was a public relations stunt. Well, we are unsure if everything mentioned by RRN is true.

At this moment, Gavin’s arrest is a developing story. Hopefully, an official source will reveal everything about what happened to the governor very soon.

Hopefully, the man himself will make a public appearance soon to sort things out. For now, we request our readers not to believe everything that is found on the web.

Gavin Newsom Is Missing After Booster Shot

Gavin Newsom is not actually missing. Instead, he has been kept out of public sight because of some family issues.

The last time we saw Gavin was on October 27, 2021, when he received a COVID-19 booster shot. Since then, the governor has failed to make a public appearance.

Indeed, his followers have been worried for the past couple of days. They wish to know where did he go.

According to KSBY, he is currently dealing with an unspecific family obligation. The surprising announcement came from the office on October 29.

Reportedly, he was supposed to attend the United Nations climate summit in Scotland. Multiple reports claim that he will do so virtually.

Is Governor Gavin Sick?

Gavin Newsom has not confirmed anything related to his health. So, we are unsure if he is sick.

According to some allegations, he was found at home with life support equipment. Reportedly, the doctors warned that he could die if disconnected from the device.

Well, we are unsure if such things are true or not. But, we can confirm that Gavin is not dead.