Does Gabby Petito Have Siblings? Brian Laundrie Sister Cassie Laundrie

Does Gabby Petito Have Siblings? Brian Laundrie Sister Cassie Laundrie

Gabby Petito siblings and family members are relentlessly on her search. Also, Brian Laundrie sister Cassie Laundrie speaks on the case.

Gabby Petito has been missing since September 11, 2021. Her family member lost contact with her in late August, she is nowhere to be found.

According to police, a dead body matching her description has been found. Although, the body has not been officially identified.

Petito was visiting the Grand Teton National Park with her fiance, Brian Laundrie. Her boyfriend is the man of interest but is unwilling to cooperate.

FBI forensic examination is yet to confirm that the remains are of Petito. At the same time, the cause of death has not been confirmed.

However, Petito’s mysterious disappearance has shattered her family life. Here are some more details on her siblings and family members.

Does Gabby Petito Have Siblings? Family Details

Gabby Petito’s only sibling is her brother TJ Schmidt.

Furthermore, the Petitio family includes her mother Nichole Schmidt and her father Joe Petito.

Joe and Nichole are already divorced. As of now, mother Nichole is married to Jim Schmidt.

The family also includes Gabby’s stepmother whose name is Tara Petito.

Furthermore, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were not married. They were engaged with no kids.

Meet Gabby Petito Brother TJ Schmidt

TJ Schmidt is the younger brother of Gabby Petito.

There is not a big age gap between TJ and Gabby. However, we do not the actual age of her brother.

TJ took to Instagram to react to the devastating news of his sister. 

He included a photo of Gabby posing in front of a mural of angel wings. 

In the caption, he writes “I’m at a total loss. My heart is shattered #justiceforgabby.”

Gabby Petito’s brother is active on Instagram with the handle name @schmidt_happens_77. 

In the IG bio, he leaves a GoFundMe account link to fund the search for his sister.

Gabby Petito Mom Slams Brian Laundrie Sister Cassie Laundrie

Mother of Gabby Petito has blasted her fiance’s sister Cassie Laundrie.

It is because Brain is reluctant to speak, while his family members have not supported the case.

Cassie Laundrie is the first member of the Laundrie family to speak on the case.

She says Gabbie is like a sister to her. Although, has not spoken to her brother who refuses to cooperate.

On a kind note, Cassie describes her brother as a wonderful uncle. She was indeed very close to Petito.

Petito and Laundrie had a physical altercation on their trip. The fight took place 13 days before Gabby’s final phone call to her family.

While her fiance returned, she is nowhere to be discovered.