France: Who Is Nail Rayner? Whitney Thore Boyfriend Age Nationality and Net Worth

Nail Rayner is the rumored boyfriend of Whitney Thore. Not only that, but she is one of the cast members of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Here are some interesting facts about her.

Whitney Thore is one of the prominent reality television stars in TLC. She can be seen in the popular reality tv My Big Fat Fabulous Life. With her appearance in the program, she has smashed body shaming and positive body image. 

The reality Tv star recently shared the news of her new boyfriend. The fans are going crazy on the information and have been tweeting, and might we say warning about her new man. 

Who is Nail Rayner? - Is He From France? 

Nail Rayner is primarily famous as Whitney Thore’s Boyfriend. Apart from that, there isn’t much to be found in any sources.

The only thing we could find was the warning Whitney Thore received a ton of red flag signs from her beloved fans. They are worried that Nail is catfishing her and is only in the relationship with her for gain. 

The fans have even said that the relationship won’t last long, and Whitney will be heartbroken like before. They are warning about the possible downfall. 

As reported in the thesun, Whitney Thore revealed she met her french boyfriend on the language learning site. The 37-year-old reality tv star says her new boyfriend has been like a good friend to her, and they have been together for almost five months now. 

The brunette beauty has been a public figure for quite some time now. Thore is campaigning against body shaming and has used the negative notion against gaining fat as a positive statement. 

Whitney Thore Boyfriend Nail Rayner Age and Nationality Revealed 

Whitney Thore revealed in an interview that her boyfriend Nail Rayner is in her 30s and is from France. 

The couple has been together for five months now. Whitney has stated that she feels a connection with him. However, her fan feels a lot differently. 

Whitney Thore Boyfriend Nail Rayner Net Worth 2021

Nail Rayner’s bet worth hasn’t been known as of yet. However, as a graphic designer, we are sure that he makes a decent amount. 

Whitney Thore, on the other, is a social influencer and a TV celebrity. She holds a net worth of around USD 2 million. The reality tv star has accounted for 1.1 million followers on Instagram, where she shares her daily life.