Fact Check: Is Tim Tracker Racist? Apology And Twitter Drama

Fact Check: Is Tim Tracker Racist? Apology And Twitter Drama

Fact Check on Tim Tracker racist video and apology. What is the Twitter drama?

TheTimTracker is a very popular family-friendly youtube channel. The channel owner, Tim, is known for making fun videos with his wife Jen and their son Jackson.

However, they were recently got cancelled by Disney over past racist remarks. 

Fact Check - Is Tim Tracker Racist?

Apparently, Tim Tracker does have a racist past.

Tim joined the youtube platform in 2009 and has posted over 4000 videos since then. As a fact, he now uploads for over 864k subscribers on the channel.

After they got started to gain more popularity, fans soon began to dig about their past. However, they came across some questionable old videos on the channel. 

In the controversial videos, Jen and Tim allegedly made racist remarks. As the clips started surfacing online, the couple received massive backlash. 

Tim Tracker Apology and Twitter Drama

Following the resurgence of racist videos, Tim Tracker even made an apology video.

On June 5, 2020, Tim and Jen uploaded a video titled “Addressing Our Old Videos.”. In the nearly 9 min and 20-second clip, the couple said sorry to everyone, especially their fans.

Jen stated, “We are not the same people that we were when we started the channel. We have grown into better and mature people”. Likewise, Tim further added, “What we did was not okay”.

Though many people were satisfied with the apology, Tim Tracker situation did start Twitter drama for some.

Some people allege that the Trackers only made the video due to clout and fear of losing followers. However, many came to their defence. 

Nonetheless, the debatable videos were over 10 years old. And, we believe people can change over time. Furthermore, Tim has even deleted videos such racist videos from the channel. 

Tim Tracker Cancelled from Disney World

Tim Tracker was recently cancelled from Disney world due to the same racist past.

During a recent live stream, Jen revealed that Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando revoked their contracts due to online trolls.

Jen claimed that someone had continuously sent emails to Disney entailing about their old videos. Moreover, it is even rumoured that emails were sent by only 3 people. 

After the story came out, many fans came to Tim and Jen’s support. They even started a Change.org petition to ask Disney to restore the couple’s credentials.

On the other hand, Tim and Jen have apologized multiple times for the same thing now. What do you think about the situation?