EJ Montini Wife - Does She Have Dementia? Family and Kids

EJ Montini Wife – Does She Have Dementia? Family and Kids

EJ Montini pays tribute to his Wife through a beautifully written column. We are curious about what happened to her.

Montini is an American Journalist working as a news columnist for The Arizona Republic since 1986.

Montini affirms many other forms of death besides the physical one.

Did EJ Montini Wife Had Dementia?

EJ Montini’s wife was diagnosed with Dementia. Though dementia mostly occurs in old age people she suffered from it in her early 60s, a very young age as said by the doctor.

Montini’s woman died years after suffering from the condition which slowly ripped her confidence made her anything but anxious.

Montini published a column titled “Driving my spouse to the afterlife” on 2nd April 2021. It was a tribute to his wife. He described his wife in a most appealing way than any man could.

In the article, he outlined that his partner was an athlete and an adventurous woman. She was also pursuing her career in journalism just like her husband.

His spouse was an avid book lover and read as many as 3 books in a week. She also interviewed various authors and wrote magazines and articles for newspapers.

As she struggled to remember anything, she was also having trouble with maths and finances which used to be one of her favorites.

But Montini would wonder how she always used to quote W.B. Yeat’s poem and remembered how to sew and watch baseball games with him and talk about it. 

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EJ Montini lived with his family in the Southwest part of America in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple raised two kids together.

Montini’s son is named Sam Montini whereas their daughter is named Kate Montini. They posted a remembrance for their mother on their respective profiile

Kate is married to her husband Brant Gresham and the couple raises three children of their own. 

As we read his article we can guess that he must have always kept his family and kids as his priority.

Montini was the one who would be seen cooking behind the kitchen counter most of the time as his consort was not a very good cook. But she was the one who designed the kitchen. 

The columnist portrays his life partner as a very loving mom and an artistic woman. 

When she’d ask him whether his wife was married or not he would smile and change the subject would have been more interesting to her like clouds.

EJ Montini Age - How Old?

EJ Montini is currently of the age 66 years old. He was born on 1st January 1955 in Pittsburgh.

He graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Journalism from Penn State University.

Montini is an enthusiastic baseball fan and used to watch baseball matches with his wife while drinking wine with some salted peanuts. 

But sadly, his wife left him alone with all the beautiful memories of them together.

We wish her soul rest in peace and offered our deepest condolence to EJ Montini. May he get the strength to overcome the loss of his beloved missus.