Does Paul Gosar Have a Disability? Drunk or Illness - Health Condition

Is Paul Gosar disability Parkinson’s disease? Meet across with the American politician and know about his condition. 

The internet is flooding around with the news of Paul Gosar. The rumors of his disease have taken over the people’s attention. 

He is a Far-Right politician who has already served as the Representative of the USA in the fourth congressional district of Arizona. 

Although, previously, Paul has stated that “he is healthy as a horse,” the nerve condition on his hand were easily noticeable. At present, the public is asking for more clarity about his health conditions. 

Does Paul Gosar Have A Disability? 

Paul Gosar himself has not explained the situation, but he might have a nerve condition.

62-years-old, Gosar is known for being the most controversial congress member. He has been in the constituency of the first district from the years 2011 to 2013. 

Adding to that, he has also been in the fourth district from 2013 till the present date. He is from the Republican political party. 

Paul Gosar having a disability gossips date back six years ago, in 2015. At that time, he has faced many controversies saying, that he was trying to hide his conditions. 

Paul was trying to hide his shuddering hands while emerging to the public. No matter how hard he tried, the reporter couldn’t go unnoticed. 

It was in the ceremony of the 70 new US citizens that people doubted his health conditions. The public was uncertain whether he had a disability or not. 

Paul Gosar Drunk Or Illness - Health Condition

A video of Paul has been going viral for a few days now. In it, he opened up about wanting to hold a new presidential election. 

The video has made the politician face the scandals again about his illness. No, Paul is not having the trembling problem because of drinking habits. 

In fact, he does not appear to have drinking problems at all. However, there was an article regarding how the politician got the nerve condition. 

Paul as a former dentist, had faced two compressed vertebrae and arthritis. This illness resulted in him having a nerve condition. 

It seems like Gosar is avoiding surgery in his case as he had a Hip surgery before. 

What Is Wrong With Paul Gosar? Parkinson’s Disease

Paul is a family man who is married to his partner Maude Conner. The couple had three children together. 

As a loving and caring husband and father and a very notable politician, is he facing Parkinson’s disease? 

The question arose when his shaking hands got exposed to the public. A lot of people doubted him having an illness. 

As an important person in politics, he got even asked to explain the rumors. In the end, it turns out that he just had a nerve condition.