Dateline: Where Is Carlos Hallowell Now? Is Denise Hallowell Son Today In Prison?

Dateline: Where Is Carlos Hallowell Now? Is Denise Hallowell Son Today In Prison?

NBC’s hit investigation crime series Dateline will be showcasing Carlos Hallowell’s life behind bars in their upcoming sequences. Find more about the crime-indicted individual.

Following his arrest in 2019, Carlos Hallowell was placed behind bars, and the Cirus County Sheriff Department indicated that he would spend a life term in jail.

After 25 years in jail, his sentence was reviewed, and he was indicted until the Fall 2021 phase.

His recent whereabouts have not been divulged as facts to the public, but he is still serving his prison sentence.

Carlos murdered his adoptive mother, Denise, who served as a teacher in the local school.

She was struck with an ax after Carlos got infuriated by cutting down his peer drugs racket.

Dateline: Where Is Carlos Hallowell Now? 

Dateline series that features on the NBC News platform will be showcasing the tragic details and brutal murder crime details of Denise Hallowell.

She was murdered by her Guatemala origin and adoptive son Carlos Hallowell on July 9, 2019.

Carlos’s recent whereabouts details have been kept confidential by the local police department and the jailing authorities.

He was serving his life sentence under the Citrus Country Jurisdiction office.

The juvenile offender’s jail term will be reconsidered after successfully serving his first 25 years in prison with good disciplinary records.

After several investigations, Carlos was indicted for being the sole criminal on the crime scene on September 14, 2021.

His initial statement was that he was sleeping in the next room when he heard dogs barking and woke up to see his mother killed by an ax.

When police reached the crime scene, Carlos’s witness reports seemed to be a bit shaggy, and his fine details on the site sounded too falsified.

A 9 week-long preliminary investigation scrutinized the nearby CCTV footage from the Lake area.

The video record of the incident night showed Carlos moving around the lake near the murder, which weakened his initial statement of being asleep.

Is Denise Hallowell Son Today In Prison? Charges and Criminal Offense Exposed

Denise Hallowell’s son Carlos Hallowell is currently serving his prison time under the Citrus County Police Department.

Denise adopted the Guatemalan kid when he was just four and already excelling in his studies and sports.

Carlos went rogue at 11 years of age after getting along with a drug-taking peer circle, and then at 17 years of age, he got expelled from his college.

When Denise cut down his immoral and rogue friend’s connection and blocked his drugs intake route, he channeled an act of enraged revenge against her.

He struck his sleeping mother on the head with an ax on July 9, 2019, and since September 14, 2021, he was charged with a first-degree murder crime.

Explore Carlos Hallowell’s Real Age And Wikipedia 

Carlos Hallowell’s date of birth has not been outed by the arresting authority.

He was four years old when Denise adopted him and just 17 years of age when he resorted to a revengeful plotted murder of his mother.

Carlos was 19 years old on September 2021 when he was indicted for the murder crime and sentenced to a lifetime in prison by judge Richard Ric Howard.