Where Is Chancho From Nacho Libre Now? Darius Rose Update In 2021

Where Is Chancho From Nacho Libre Now? Darius Rose Update In 2021

Where Is Darius Rose Now? Chancho From Nacho Libre is all grown up but not so familiar face in movies today. Get to know more.

The character named Chancho in the movie Nacho Libre was loved by the public. Now, there are many assumptions and rumours regarding him on the Internet. 

Where Is Chancho From Nacho Libre Now?

There are no intels that provide information on where Chancho from Nacho Libre is now. Some cyberians said that one of his colleagues shares their photo together and it seems he works in a Honda showroom. 

However, we are not aware of how much of this information is true. One thing that can be predicted is that he probably did not continue his acting career. If he was still in the entertainment industry, the eagle-eyed media and his fans would probably notice him. 

Thus, we can only guess he is working somewhere else and building his career in some other field other than the entertainment industry. 

How Old is Darius Rose Today? His Age In 2021

There are no details about the age of Darius Rose as of today. However, when the movie was released in 2006, he was the kid whose age shall be 8-12 years. Thus, we assume he should be in his later 20s as of September 9, 2021. 

Many people on Twitter or other social media platforms are curious about his identity at present. 15 years have passed since the movie was released and now he is nowhere to be seen. 

He was also a major character in the movie. His role as Chancho was loved by the audience even though he was a little kid debuting from the movie. 

Find Darius Rose aka The Fat Kid on Wikipedia

Darius Rose aka The Fat Kid cannot be found on Wikipedia. However, there is a famous personality with a similar name which have created confusion for many netizens. 

Jackie Cox, a prominent drag queen has a stage named Darius Rose- the same as the character Chancho in Nacho Libre. Even the sources like IMDb and google shows up her name when researched the actor. 

But, the drag queen has already clarified the rumour about her playing the role of Chancho on her Twitter. She mentioned that the actor and her share the same birth name and there is no other connection between her and the kid from the movie.