Who Are Cristina Bayardelle Parents? Madison Cawthorn Wife’s Family After The Abrupt Divorce Announcement

Who Are Cristina Bayardelle Parents? Madison Cawthorn Wife’s Family After The Abrupt Divorce Announcement

Fitness influencer Cristina Bayardelle was born to parents Eddy Bayardelle and Christina Negron. Find more about her family details.

Cristina Bayardelle carves a mixed ethnicity and yet she introduces herself as a proud caucasian.

Although initial derision was prone due to her reluctance to admit to her real ethnicity from her parents, she later rejected the hazy claims stating that their reports were biased.

In her defense, she quoted that people were deliberately attacking her beliefs to benefit from such attacks and favor their own profit while tarnishing a well-maintained identity.

Cristina is a reputed trainer and successful physical health advocate, fitness influencer, and gym trainer.

Who Are Madison Cawthorn’s Wife Cristina Bayardelle Parents? 

Madison Cawthorn’s wife Cristina Bayardelle was born to her father Eddy Bayardelle and her mother Cristina Negron.

Cristina’s father Eddy is a president at Bronx Community College.

Her father is originally from Haiti and he has been a successful and educated personality currently holding a Ph.D. degree at his institute.

He was serving as the vice-president of BCC’s Institutional Advancements and was thereby working on the development policies and strategies.

Eddy Bayardelle has a lot of experience in the field of education and philanthropy.

He has been advocating a lot and generating large funds for volunteering and charity activities, which shows his humanitarian nature to the general public.

Not much is known about Cristina’s mother.

She was originally a Puerto-Rican citizen and met Eddy while he was earning his degree away from his home nation.

Learn Who Are Cristina Bayardelle’s Father And Mother- Family Details Revealed

Cristina, who recently filed a divorce against her husband following some work-related disputes has carved a perfect family living elsewhere.

She has been making her professor father Eddy and housekeeper mother Cristine proud of her fitness-related works.

Her divorce from her husband Madison Cawthorn, a congress candidate from the North Carolina region came just 8 months after their brief marriage.

The pair got attached during the 2020 electoral campaign and Madison tied the knot with his fiancee on April 3, 2021.

Following some republican view-contrast and a regular indication of Madison’s name in women abuse plus kidnapping crimes, the pair ended in better terms with mutual consent.

Explore Cristina Bayardelle’s Net Worth

Cristine Bayardelle has flaunted a glorious career out of her fit-lifestyle.

She welcomes an annual salary of more than $150k from her fitness influencing activities.

Her net worth now sits at the $2 million mark and is yet to grow more following her business growth.

She has been advocating for fitness products, exercises, physical training, and a robust diet since an early age.

She has carved an athletic body with very low fat and highly trained muscles and she believes that the body should be regularly trained for the hardships of life.