Everton Player Cliff Marshall Is Dead, Find The Death Cause and Obituary

Everton FC legend Cliff Marshall’s death cause has not reached the Internet. Learn more about his football legacy by reading on.

Cliff Marshall was a retired football player. He played senior football for Everton from 1973 to 1976 as a versatile winger.

In his later years, he played for Miami Toros, South Port, and Winford until 1978. However, Marshall has a deep connection with Everton fans.

The former Everton forward has received tributes following his death. He died on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Here’s what we know about him.

Everton Player: Who Was Cliff Marshall?

Cliff Marshall is recognized as Everton FC’s first black player. He had made his debut against Leicester City in 1975.

However, his first start happened after a week against Birmingham City. Then, the winger and his team were managed by Billy Bingham.

Marshall had only made eight appearances for the club. He had joined the Merseyside club at the age of 15.

The winger retired from the beautiful game at the age of 22 years old. He has netted his career a total of five goals for Miami Toros.

After retirement, he settled in Liverpool and worked as a licensed trader. He is a notable owner of multiple snooker halls in the city.

His net worth must exceed $1 million as of 2021, knowing the fact that he was a successful footballer.

Cliff Marshall Obituary: Find His Death Cause Here

As per Cliff Marshall’s official obituary report, his death cause is due to result of a sudden illness.

The former Everton star was seriously sick, however, information on his illness is not provided yet.

It is after the official statement from Everton FC, we found out about his passing news. The club’s officials are with Cliff’s family and friends.

English Premier League will also provide a tribute to him during the league’s matchday 13.

His former club is set to face Brentford in an away game on November 27, 2021.

Cliff Marshall Age & Birthday Information

Cliff Marshall died at the age of 66 years old. He was born in the year 1955 and his birthday is on November 4.

According to astrological signs, Marshall belongs to the Scorpio sign.

Furthermore, his birthplace is Liverpool, England. This makes him British as per nationality.

Was Cliff Marshall A Married Man? His Wife Details

Details on Cliff Marshall’s wife or partner could not be discovered at the moment.

In truth, we are aware that the footballer has never spoken to his fans and followers about his marital life or relationship status.

However, if Cliff was survived by his wife, she must be devasted by his untimely death.