Who Is Charlie Woodworker? More On Her Age Partner Artist Instagram

Who Is Charlie Woodworker? More On Her Age Partner Artist Instagram

Who is Charlie Woodworker from Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker? Learn more diversifying things about the furniture maker below.

Charlie Woodworker is one of the finest woodworkers in the UK. She will take on a series of challenges on Britain’s Best Woodworker show, Handmade. She is also popular for her woodcraft in Hebden Bridge.

Meet Charlie Woodworker

Charlie Woodworker was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, the United Kingdom, in 1990. Her real-biological name is Charlie West, but she chose to introduce herself as “Woodworker.” Also, it means “free man” in English origin.

Charlie earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in sculpting from The University of Leeds in 2011. Her work included casting, mold-making, and ceramics. She also has an impact on her more function-based work today throughout her study and experiments.

Charlie began a furniture manufacturing apprenticeship at 30 after years of traveling and working as a CAD Technician. Later, she finished it in 2020.

Since then, Charlie’s career has revolved around creating end-grain veneers attached to birch ply for stability. She then incorporated it into furniture or wall hangings.

Within Charlie’s furniture, the ply is visible. The goal is not to discuss the mechanics but to show how different wood compositions work together to achieve the final look.

The end-grain is created through a process known as ‘book-matching,’ similar to mirroring the picture. Charlie’s work is primarily concerned with accentuating the natural beauty of the wood while avoiding excessive human intervention.

After filming for the episode, Charlie has built up her woodworking shop and resides in the Calder Valley, Yorkshire. She formerly worked as a computer-aided designer and dog walker.

Who is Charlie Woodworker Age?

Charlie Woodworker recently celebrated her 31st birthday in 2021. She invited her close friends, family members, and relatives on her special day.

So, Charlie is 31 years old of age at the moment. Besides, she worked as a furniture maker for over a decade based in the Calder valley.

Does Charlie Woodworker have a Partner?

Charlie Woodworker does not have a partner in crime as of now. Maybe she has not found a perfect match to date. Meanwhile, she is currently focusing on her professional career, so that’s why she is reportedly single.

On the other than, Charlie is a pet lover who possesses a German Wire Haired Pointer dog breed, Maggie. She loves spending quality time with her pet while going for a walk or staying at home.

Is Charlie Woodworker Available on Instagram?

Charlie Woodworker is available on Instagram under the username @charliewestworkshop.

She has 3.1 followers with total posts of 124. She describes herself as a furniture maker and artist in Hebden Bridge in her bio description.

Woodworker loves sharing her woodcraft works with her beloved fans on Instagram.

She also posted a couple of pictures while competing on Channel 4’s Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker in 2021.