Who Is Candice Reed From John W North High School? Racist Video On Twitter

Who Is Candice Reed From John W North High School? Racist Video On Twitter

Candice Reed is a teacher from John W North High School who has become the target of public criticism because of her racist actions. Here are the full details of the incident. 

A video where a woman is seen dancing and hopping around wearing a fake feather crown on her head has gone viral on the internet. Netizens have viewed their opinion on the matter and called it an act of racism. 

Who Is Candice Reed From John W North High School?

Candice Reed has been identified as the teacher from John W North High School who is trending on social media at present. She is said to be a Math teacher in the school.

However, we cannot guarantee that the name is correct because there is no related information about her on the school’s page. Thus, we need to wait for the school to address the situation and confirm her name. 

She can be seen mocking a beautiful indigenous culture in the video. The video was taken by one of the Native American students after he felt uncomfortable with what she was doing.

He filmed the video after he felt her actions were directed towards him and the people of his community. It is clearly visible in the video that there are other students from an indigenous background in the classroom.

However, she neglected the fact and happily mocked around dancing, wearing a fake feather on her head. Such mockery against any race or culture, especially at school where students need to be taught racial harmony, has created a rage among the people who came across the clip. 

Teacher Named Candice Reed Racist Video On Twitter 

The woman in the racist video that is circulating on Twitter is identified as a Math teacher named Candice Reed. The video was shared by many people as well as a social organizations like Lakota People’s Project. 

Netizens are demanding the Riverside Unified School District take action against her. Many people on the John W North High School Facebook page have complained about the matter and demanded that they fire her. 

Akalei Brown, a Foster Youth Advocate has mentioned the contact details of school board members and related school members on her Instagram so that others can make the school aware of such irresponsible behavior from their teacher. 

She mentioned that such kind of discrimination against indigenous youth should be ended as we are not in the 1960s now.