Cameron Herring Accidente: Who Is Cameron Herring Parents? Age Wikipedia

The 21 years old Cameron Herring has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for the Accidente he caused, killing off two innocent souls. 

Cameron is a street racer who has been responsible for killing a mother and her daughter in Bayshore Boulevard.

Quick Facts:
Name Cameron Herring
Birthday 2000
Age 21 years old
Gender Male
Profession Former street Racer
Married/Single Unknown

Report On Cameron Herring Accident

In 2018, Cameron Herring and another man named John Barrineau were racing in the streets of Bayshore Boulevard.

Behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang, Cameron was found guilty of hitting a woman and her 21 months child. The woman was David’s wife, Jessica, pushing the stroller of her 21-months daughter Lillia.

Furthermore, Cameron, at the time of the incident, was 18 years old. And after the hearing held in April 2021, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison. In addition, John, who was racing with him, was sentenced to 6 years.

Moreover, people from around the world have been requesting to reconsider his case.

Who Are Cameron Herring Parents?

The details regarding Cameron Herring’s parents aren’t available in any public domain.

Details On Cameron Herring Age & Wikipedia

Cameron is currently 21 years old as he was born in the year 2000.

In addition, the judge said he considered his age being 18 during the incident. Nonetheless, he was considered an adult and not a youthful offender by the judge.

As to this date, Cameron Herring’s profile isn’t uploaded in the official English Wikipedia.

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