Everything On Brazilian Miss Andrea, Ozzie Albies Girlfriend Age and Instagram

Everything On Brazilian Miss Andrea, Ozzie Albies Girlfriend Age and Instagram

Who Is Brazilian Miss Andrea? Her boyfriend, Ozzie Albies, currently plays in the Major League Baseball for the Atlanta Braves. Here is what we know so far about Brazilian Miss.

Andrea, aka Brazilian Miss, is the girlfriend of Curacaoan baseball star, Ozzie Albies. He made his MLB debut for Atlanta Braves on August 1, 2017. He was named to the 2018 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the National League Silver Slugger Award in 2019. 

She is the entrepreneur behind ‘Brazilian Apparel,’ the merchandise, that is designed by Brazilian Miss. The products are made to enhance the body’s natural movement and are made in Brazil. Brazilian Apparel is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meet Ozzie Albies’s Girlfriend Brazilian Miss Andrea

Ozzie Albies and his girlfriend, Andrea, have been dating for a while.

The couple is not yet married or engaged. Ozzie and Andrea are often mistaken for being parents, but it is not true as they do not have any children together.

She has a dog, Puchi, and often flaunts it on her Instagram account. However, Puchi has his own Instagram page with 3.6k followers. 

What Is Brazilian Miss Andrea Age?

Brazilian Miss’s age might be in the mid-20s, as her boyfriend’s current age is 24 years.

The details about Andrea’s net worth are currently private, but her earnings might be hefty as she has her clothing brand.

Talking about her height, Ozzie’s girlfriend might be 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Is Brazilian Miss Andrea On Instagram?

Andrea is active on Instagram under the username @brazilianmiss. So far, she has more than 60.1k followers and 117 posts on the social media platform.

She is a fitness enthusiast and shares many pictures of her workout routines on Instagram. Brazilian Miss enjoys doing different workout routines including, surf fitness and spinning. 

Andrea is often promoting her brand as well as her boyfriend, Albies’s merchandise.

Who Is Ozzie Albies?

Ozzie was born and raised in Willemstad, Curacao. His parents are Judari Albies and Osgarry Albies. His father sadly passed away from a heart attack in 2013, reports 11 Alive. He is the oldest out of three children, and his younger siblings are Jeanalyn and Zhhihir.

Albies began playing baseball at the age of six, and in 2013, he started switch-hitting. He was discovered by Dargello Lodowica, a Curacao-based scout. He got signed by Atlanta Braves as an international free agent on July 2, 2013.