Brass Against Singer Sophia Urista Urinated On The Fan At The Stage- Find The Video Here

Sophia Urista, at the age of 30 years, is the lead vocalist at the band Brass Against, who has made headlines after she urinated on a fan’s face during a live performance. 

Sophia is an American singer-songwriter who has been the lead singer at the band Brass Against for years. She formerly competed in the American singing show The Voice in its 11th season.

She often uploads her performance videos on her YouTube channel with 12.5k subscribers, initially created in January 2011.

Brass Against Singer Sophia Urista Age Revealed

As born on November 1, 1985, the singer, Sophia Urista, is 36 years old as of 2021. In addition, she is from Detroit, Michigan, United States, and holds American nationality.

Sophia knew her dream profession from a young age. However, her parents were against her career and didn’t show any support at all. She then moved out from her home to New York City to pursue her dreams at aged 21.

She started getting a lot of attention after auditioning for the singing show The Voice in 2016. She got selected by the judge and well-known artist, Miley Cirus. However, she got eliminated before she could reach the finals.

Is Sophia Urista Credited With Wikipedia Profile?

The singer-songwriter Sophia Urista’s bio is still missing on the Wikipedia page. Nevertheless, our site has made an effort to provide a legit biography of Sophia, including all of her career achievements and milestones. 

Sophia currently lives together with her partner, Jess King, who is a Peleton instructor by profession. As per sources, she proposed to her long-dated girlfriend in 2020. 

Sneak Peek On Sophia Urista Net Worth And Earnings

Sophia Urista has garnered an estimated net worth of $7 million, according to Wiking. She has been performing as a lead vocalist in Brass Against for years.

Furthermore, her yearly revenue from her YouTube channel has been disclosed to be in the range of $29 - $461. She also earns a considerable sum from paid partnerships and sponsorships from brands.

Some of her famous songs released are, Wake Up, Sleep Now In The Fire, and Nobody Speak. 

Sophia Urista Video Urinating On A Fan Is Here

Since the video of Sophia Urinating on a fan’s face has gone viral, the band has been apologizing to the audience. 

Recently The Brass Against performed at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Florida. During the middle of a performance, Sophia welcomed a fan onto the stage from the crowd. 

The fan then lies down with a can on his forehead, and out of nowhere, Sophia squats on the man’s face and starts peeing.