Bob Enyart Wife Cheryl Mayns - Pastor Died Aged 62

Bob Enyart Wife Cheryl Mayns – Pastor Died Aged 62

Bob Enyart died at the age of 62. Get to know his wife Cheryl Mayns and family. 

The radio host of the talk show, Real Science, Bob Enyart has passed away on September 13. The cause of death is confirmed to be covid-19. The radio host was publicly anti-vax and had ridiculed masks before. 

Besides, he had also openly urged people not to wear masks and get vaccinated. Irony as it is, he dies of the coronavirus covid-19. May his soul rest in peace.

This can be another message to everyone who is denying vaccination at the moment. 

Bob Enyart Wife And Family

Bob Enyart was married to his wife, Cheryl Mayns. 

After meeting her in the early 90s, Bob and Cheryl tied the marital knot in 1994. She has two children. 

Prior to his marriage with her, the radio host was in a marital relationship with Krista Enyart. He was married to her for 8 years, separating in 1989. 

 We forward our heartfelt sympathies to all of his loved ones including friends and family. 

Bob Enyart Cause of Death

Bob Enyart passed away of covid-19, according to his co-host, Fred Williams. 

The ratio host was fighting a battle with covid for quite a time. Being anti-vax and boycotting masks, it wasn’t easy for him. And eventually, it became a battle that he had to lose. 

Moreover, he and his wife denied taking Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines, citing that they were tested on “cell lines from aborted fetuses.”

Enyart met his demise at the age of 62, leaving behind a great career as a radio host and religious activist. 

Bob Enyart Net Worth: Is he on Wikipedia?

Recognizing his work, Bob Enyart has a Wikipedia biography dedicated to him. 

He was a talk-show host based in Colorado and the pastor of the Denver Bible Church. Despite being an anti-vax, he did speak a lot about taking precautionary measures against covid-19. 

Originally from Paterson, New Jersey, he spent a long time as a talk-show host on radio. The facts about his net worth, however, are under review at the moment. 

Hope he will find peace wherever he is.