Photo: Who Is Betty Moitz? Martin Luther King White Woman Lover, Tiktok Videos Reveal New Information

Photo: Who Is Betty Moitz? Martin Luther King White Woman Lover, Tiktok Videos Reveal New Information

Photo: Is Betty Motiz the untold lover of Martin Luther King? Find out more details on the latest hot topic of the web. 

Everyone must have been familiar with the legend Martin Luther King Jr.; and the work he had done in history. But, very few of them are aware of the romantic life of Martin. 

The internet is now crashing over the secret lover of the legend. People have been interested in the love story of the great Martin. 

In this article, let’s explore all the hustle and bustle; that has been all over social media. 

Photo: Who Is Betty Moitz? 

At the moment, Betty is popularly known for having a relationship with Martin Luther King Jr. She is a white woman who had a romantic affair with Martin. 

Although Betty has a very short description of herself, lately, people have found out more about her side of the story. The ex-couple were madly in love with each other at the time. 

Belonging to the Moitz family, they always had a connection to the Crozer. Her grandmother was the school dietitian; following her, Betty’s mother took over the position. 

She has lived with a prestigious family and even completed her study at Eddystone High School. Betty is not in this world; she had passed away when she reached 89. 

Even so, her photo has gone viral on social media. 

Martin Luther King White Woman Lover 

In the Martin Luther King Jr. biography book, the author has written about the white woman lover. Regardless, the description of the love story has been pretty short for the audience to notice. 

The romantic affair of the couple leads to the tragic story. Despite of loving each other madly, the pair had to move in separate ways. 

They fell in love in a period where people would not like the idea of interracial marriage.  

Moreover, Betty being a White decedent and Martin as a Black has made them face complications in the relationship. Eventually, their bonding got broken. 

Additionally, there will also be a series based on Martin Luther King Jr. romantic affairs with Betty Moitz. 

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Betty Moitz- Viral Tiktok Videos

After all these years, Betty Moitz came to light when the video got viral on TikTok. The user handle @heluv.enyssa posted the video of the unspoken love story of Martin Luther. 

The video has come to everyone’s attention wondering; about the white woman Betty. The person who barely existed in the biography of Martin has become the talking point at present. 

Moreover, the couple was head over heels for each other. The viral video also got captioned as Martin cheating on his wife over Betty.