Who is Ben Garrison? Anti Vax Crartoonist Has Covid

Who is Ben Garrison? Anti Vax Crartoonist Has Covid

Ben Garrison is an alt right political cartoonist and artist from the United States. He was just found to be positive for COVID.

His cartoons are popular with the alt-right and believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory because they approve of and encourage these ideas.

His cartoons have sparked debate, with various media commentators, including the Anti-Defamation League, describing them as sexist, racist, Islamophobic, anti-vaccine, and antisemitic.

They’ve also been chastised for seeking to deny the existence of climate change. He is frequently chastised to encourage efforts to rig the 2020 US presidential election and fight the “deep state.”

His cartoons frequently glorify conservative figures and leaders in the United States, such as former President Donald Trump.

Ben Garrison Cartoonist - Wikipedia Explored

Ben Garrison is a cartoonist whose biography is covered by official Wikipedia.

Besides Trump, his animation glorifies Rand Paul while vilifying liberalists, centrists, and Never Trump movements figures like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Some alt-right extremists have altered his comics to include antisemitic themes, such as the caricature of the antisemitic “Happy Merchant.”

Garrison earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in art from Angelo State University in the 1970s and graduated magna cum laude in 1979.

Garrison intended to be a fine artist, but he worked as a graphic artist at the San Angelo Standard-Times, where his first editorial cartoon was published in 1980.

Does Ben Garrison Have Covid?

Ben Garrison has lately been diagnosed as Covid positive.

He believes he contracted covid-19 when eating at a restaurant a few weeks ago. He and his wife, as well as another couple, headed to the restaurant. All four of them are currently unwell.

To strengthen his immunity, he is taking vitamins and Zinc tablets. He is also taking ivermectin. He has shed 15 pounds as a result of this.

His health has improved recently, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Ben Garrison Wife- Details On His Family

Tina Norton Garrison, Ben Garrison’s wife, is his life partner.

There are no details about the couple’s wedding or anniversary available. They have one child together, but the child’s identity remains a mystery. Ben and his wife Tina relocated from Seattle to Lakeside, Montana, in 2009. Garrison has been living in Lakeside since 2016.

Tina is also a personal acquaintance of his. She’s been drawing since she was a small child. Her elementary school sketchbooks are still loaded with comic strips and illustrations. She graduated with a BFA from the esteemed Columbus College of Art and Design.

Tina is an animation artist who spent many years working for a laser light show firm specializing in animal cartoons. Her projects included animation for the Grand Coulee Dam’s summer laser shows. She now does little paintings and personalized artwork for collectors all around the United States.