What Was Babyface.s Real Name? Details To Know About The Famous Tiktoker

What Was Babyface.s Real Name? Details To Know About The Famous Tiktoker

Babyface.s from TikTok’s real name is Swavy. He is making the news after he was confirmed to be dead by his friend Damaury Mikula. 

Babyface.s was a well-known TikTok star with millions of followers. He also collaborated with other artists while hopping on to several dance trends. Most of his videos have got over a million views. 

What Was Babyface.s From TikTok’s Real Name?

Babyface.s from TikTok’s real name was Swavy.

However, he was well known for his social media name rather than a real name.

His social media platforms go with the name Babyface.s.

How Old Is Babyface.s?

Swavy, aka Babyface.s was 19 years old.

However, his birth year and birthday are unknown. There are no details available on public regarding further information of his childhood.

Babyface.s’s Height Explored

The actual attributes of Babyface.s’s Height is unknown.

He has an average-looking height.

Find Babyface.s On Tiktok

Babyface.s was popular on TikTok by the username @babyface.s. Swavy has more than 2.5 million followers on his TikTok.

He has more than 97 million hearts allocated in total in his TikTok account.

He often used to posts funny videos on his TikTok.


1-10😅 if you like them which one would you say Is ##1 for you?… ##Fyp

♬ audio made by shovvxaa - kai

Know About Swavy’s Family

There is no information available on Babyface.s family on the public media. They have not made any appearances regarding the recent incidents as well.

It is hard for his family to know about the demise of their young son.

Is Babyface.s Dead?

Yes, Babyface.s was reported dead on July 5.

The news of Swavy’s death came as a shock to many. Many people flooded his social media with tribute messages. 

Likewise, his close friends spoke about his personality as they looked back at their friendship. 

Fans have been flooding his social media with tributes and prayers as his friends confirmed the news of his death.

He was shot. This was confirmed by his friend Damaury Mikula through the YouTube video.