Babychar17 Ankha Video After Buss It Challenge - Twitter Reaction

Babychar17 Ankha Video After Buss It Challenge – Twitter Reaction

Babychar17 Ankha video is viral after her Buss It Challenge went absolutely crazy a year ago. Here are a few Twitter reactions to her video.

Babychar17 is a popular social media content creator who has accumulated a lot of fame posting adult content on Twitter. She is best known for making the extreme versions of the most popular TikTok trends and uploading them.

Moreover, she came into the global spotlight when she made an extreme video of the long-running Buss It Challenge. Her video still accounts for more than 1.2 million views on Twitter.

Babychar17 Ankha Zone Video After Buss It Challenge

Babychar17 has changed the Ankha Zone trend in her own style.

The Twitter content creator uploaded an adult video on Twitter that features the song of the actual Ankha Zone trend. Similarly, she also copies the dance moves of the famous Egyptian cat from Animal Crossing.

One can get access to the video by visiting her profile on Twitter. She goes by the username, Babychar17.

The creator gained quite a lot of attention for her Buss It Challenge video and it looks like the Ankha video is set to be the second one on the list.

Babychar17 Ankha Zone Video: Twitter Reaction

Babychar17’s Ankha video has received a huge amount of reactions on Twitter and Reddit.

A lot of users are slamming her for ruining the trend. The video already has over 200 comments.

“I am traumatized”, a user comments. Another one says, “I should’ve stayed on TikTok.”

There has been a lot of talking about the video on many Reddit groups as well. The Ankha video has accumulated over 700k views already.

Babychar17 Real Name: Meet her on Instagram

Babychar17’s real name is Charlotte.

Famous for her Twitter appearances, Babychar17 has an active Instagram handle with more than 38k followers. However, she is predominantly active on Twitter and Onlyfans.

The content creator has around 85k followers on her Twitter account. She has made 445 tweets until now.