Azi Schwartz Age And Wikipedia - Kol Nidre 2021 Update

Azi Schwartz Age And Wikipedia – Kol Nidre 2021 Update

Azi Schwartz is the singer of Kol Nidre. Stay with us to know more about the Cantor. 

Schwartz is the world-famous Vocalist who has recorded various songs. Both Jewish and interfaith religious audiences enjoy his singing. 

His music is often characterized as emotionally moving, spiritually uplifting, and artistically dynamic by people who listen to them. 

How old is Azi Schwartz? His age

Azi Schwartz looks to be in the age range of 30-35. His actual birthdate has not been revealed yet.

He was born and raised in Israel among his traditional Israeli community. He got more inclined to music as he grew up listening to his grandfather who was also a cantor like him.

He now creates, records, and publishes liturgical music as a director of PAS. He also hosts concerts and worship from time to time for his world-class guests.

In 2018, Azi was featured in “The New York Cantors” list by  PBS special. 

He also gave a performance in the Memorial and Museum which was a service for peace and remembrance at the National September 11 on 2015. It was a multireligious gathering where Canto Azi represented Jewish people in the presence of Pope Francis.

He is also one of the faculty members at the major cantorial schools and also serves as treasurer to Cantors’ Assembly.

He has released a total of nine albums that contain traditional and new Jewish liturgical music. He also made an appearance in “A Night of Inspiration” which was held on December 6. 

Cantor Azi performed with a 64-piece orchestra and 200-voice choir that was directed by Rev. Dr. Lester W. Taylor Jr. As Ray Chew. 

Cantor Azi is well known for his musical intersections and mixing Jewish ritual music with contemporary melodies.

He has performed “Adon Olam”, a Jewish Hymn in Hamilton’s tone as well as “You will be back” by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Mr. Schwartz is married to his wife, Dr. Noa Schwartz. The couple raises four children of their own.

Find Azi Schwartz on Wikipedia 

We cannot find Azi Schwartz Wikipedia profile yet. But here is all the information you need about him.

He is the Senior Cantor at Park Avenue Synagogue in New York.

He graduated from Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute among the top cantors of the world.  He then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Classical Singing and Conducting from Mannes School of Music.

He has since then moved to New York where he leads one of the largest conservative communities, Park Avenue Synagogue (PAS). It is also the flagship of Jewish liturgical music in North America

Exploring Azi Schwartz Net Worth and His Salary

The exact net worth of Azi Schwartz has not been revealed yet. The average salary of a cantor ranges from $80k to $90K. 

But it can also go as high as $150K.