Andrew Bradshaw Political Party & Affiliation - Is Maryland Mayor Republican?

Andrew Bradshaw Political Party & Affiliation – Is Maryland Mayor Republican?

Andrew Bradshaw’s political party is Republican, and he has been garnishing his Cambridge Mayor recent run. Find more about the arrested politician.

Andrew Bradshaw was arrested on November 16, 2021, following significant charges against him of posting inappropriate photos of his ex-partner in Reddit handle anonymously.

The Cambridge-born and raised Republican politician was charged with 50 counts of inappropriate sharing and posting private pictures.

The detrimental effect the politician caused to his previous partner and the tragic consequence of his actions on his present wife have been culminating.

Andrew will be facing a maximum of 100 years behind the bar if the proofs against him stand as true as the initial claims and filed reports.

Andrew’s penalty fine also sums up to $5000 for every single upload case, and the initial number of immoral uploads was 50 as per the authority report.

Andrew Bradshaw’s Political Party & Affiliation 

Andrew Bradshaw is a Maryland mayor charged with up to 50 counts of revenge porn uploads of his previous partner on the Reddit platform.

Andrew made quite a big name on the social media and news headlines after he became the youngest person to be elected as the Cambridge City Mayor back in January 2021.

Although his election was a favorable voting majority win, he won against his opponent in a decorous manner.

Andrew has served for the Republican party for more than a decade, and his initial political science-related background education surely did help in his career.

The politician was appealing to the public more with his ‘The Bridge To Cambridge Future’ campaign.

The elite project featured his visions regarding community reshaping, Housing quality, Public safety, and economic development as well.

Andrew was preceded in his political party office by Victoria Jackson Stanley, leading the office for three long years.

Andrew won the January election with a majority vote poll that accumulated to 57.41% of the total cast vote.

Is Maryland Mayor Andrew Bradshaw Democrat or Republican?

Marland Youngest elected mayor Andrew Bradshaw carves a Republican affiliation and political orientation.

Andrew obtained his political science degree from the reputed Pennsylvania State University and minor majors in History and Societal Law.

Andrew also favored his aided project Cambridge Waterfront Development Incorporated, working by the basins of the Choptank river.

The manga cum laude honors graduate from Penn State institute secured a high 3.91 GPA while graduating.

His political involvement was pretty sharp from the very beginning of his affiliation and volunteering days.

Details On Andrew Bradshaw’s Wife And Family  

Andrew Bradshaw was married to his long-time partner Natalee Tubman.

The pair didn’t have any children, and they brought a new home by the Cambridge District area where they were living happily with their pet two dogs.

Andrew has been arrested and released on bail by the local police department following the initial case proceedings.

He will now face a thorough investigation into the matter and more charges for all the improper uploads he made alongside the racist slurs he indicated blatantly.