Actor Jacob Buster Wikipedia: Age and Parents, Sister Swap Hallmark Cast

Actor Jacob Buster Wikipedia: Age and Parents, Sister Swap Hallmark Cast

Jacob Buster, an actor who is yet to be featured on Wikipedia, is a cast of a Hallmark movie named Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday.

The new movie Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday, has released on December 5, 2021. And netizens are discussing the plot of the movie. They have also noticed the actor Jacob Buster and praised him for his remarkable performance on Twitter. 

Jacob Buster is not featured on Wikipedia yet. However, he is best known for his role as Simon in the new Hallmark movie, Sister Swap. It is a romantic comedy movie directed by Sean McNamara. Jacob plays the role of Simon, who is the teenage son of Jennifer. 

The plot moves around the two sisters named Jennifer and Meg Swift, who could not be closer despite living in different cities. Jennifer runs a successful restaurant in Salt Lake City, and she gets all thrilled when she hears that her sister will be visiting her on Christmas.

Surprisingly, her sister stays in the Slat Lake City and helps her out in the restaurant when she and her son Simon goes to their Hazelwood home for the Holidays. The main problem arises where the local movie theatre owned by Uncle Dave needs to be repaired and is on sale.

With the help of her former high school debate team rival, Jennifer tries to come up with a solution. But, amid all the troubles, they realize and are reminded of many new possibilities. 

The movie does not end here as the second part will be released on December 12, 2021, named Sister Swap: Christmas In The City. 

Jacob Buster Amusing Audience With His Performance At The Age Of 18

Jacob Buster, age 18, has amused the audience with his performance in the film. On December 2, 2003, he was born in Utah, United States. Birthday wishes flooded for the artist on December 2.

According to his Amazon profile, Jacob has featured in other films, such as Colony and Colin In Balck & White. He also appears on “Let The Right One In,” which will be released in 2022. 

Who Are Jacob Buster Parents?

Jacob Buster’s parent’s details are not specified on the internet. However, some sources claimed that his mother is Jennifer Buster, and his father is a director and a writer. He has wished a Happy Birthday to his mom through an Instagram post.  

In-depth information about his mother and father is yet to surface on the web.